The birth of my daughter has been the reason for me to look into my own family history. In 2003 I have started to map the ancestors of my daughter.

When my interest for genealogy was awoken I have put myself to another aim; I wanted to map all the members of the Rijsdijk family. Now I have approx. 39.000 persons in my database of which about 5.500 of the Rijsdijk family.

These 5.500 persons are not only in the Netherlands or Europe. As I have found out the Rijsdijk family has spread out all over the world.

I now have contacts with Rijsdijk’s in Australia, South Africa, Surinam, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada and the United States. The name has often been altered to Rysdyk.


You can find part of the data I have collected here on this website.

First of all my own ancestors and furthermore some genealogy’s of different Rijsdijk families.

There is no data on this website about living persons. This is for their privacy. The only data of living persons is to be found in the list of my ancestors

The information comes from several sources. A big part of the information has been collected on the internet. It comes from websites from archive institutions and from websites of individuals.

I have also got a lot of information from people I contacted and who gave me  information about their family history.


The data has not always been verified by myself, therefore there could be errors!



For all remarks, additions, corrections and questions you can always contact me.